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What is Triple8?

Triple8 is a platform that provides videos with subtitles based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and human control.

Where does the name Triple8 come from?

Our name is derived from teletext 888, the subtitling function of the television channels of public broadcaster NPO.

Why was Triple8 founded?

Because subtitling videos is difficult, time-consuming and tedious. We thought that the process should be easier. Especially now that studies are showing up to 85% improved viewership for subtitled videos on social media. What’s more, we are able to reach the around 475,000-strong deaf and hard-of-hearing community with subtitled videos. This allows us to make a social contribution as well.

What is Triple8’s mission?

Triple8's mission is to make subtitles so accessible that they become standard


Is free really free?

Yes, videos up to 10 minutes can be subtitled completely free of charge. You can use the basic functions in the editor freely. Translations and export options are only available in the paid plans. We also place a Triple8 watermark in your video with the free plan so that others can see that you have used Triple8. That's how we help each other.

Then how do you make money?

If you don't want a Triple8 watermark in your video, or if you want to use the advanced editor features such as translation or .srt export, you pay 4 euros per minute ex. VAT.

How does payment work?

You will conveniently pay with iDEAL, PayPal, Creditcard or Apple Pay after you’ve uploaded the video. The system will automatically calculate the price per minute for subtitling your video.

What will it cost if my video lasts a few seconds longer than one minute?

We will round the time up in this case. So for a video lasting 1:42 seconds, for example, you will pay for two minutes.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, you will receive a VAT invoice after you have successfully remitted payment.

I am an agency or organisation and want to use Triple8 frequently for my business. Is that possible?

That is possible, we have a management environment for business customers and agencies. You do need a Chamber of Commerce or VAT number for this. Click on 'Professional' in the menu for more information.

Can I purchase a number of minutes in advance?

Yes, Triple8 Professional users can add credit to their account. Once you’ve used up your credit balance you can add more credit using iDEAL.

Can I get a PO number on my invoice?

If you have a Professional subscription, you can add a PO number under 'Finance'. This will then be shown on your invoice. If you don't have a Professional, you can email your request to support@triple8.tv

Are there additional costs involved if I want my video subtitled in multiple languages?

No, you can use every language offered by the system. Please note that when you select a new language the previous one will be overwritten. So be sure to first download the .srt file.


How many videos can I upload?

You can upload as many videos as you want, but only one at a time. With the FREE plan you can’t upload more than 3 videos per day.

How long can the video be?

The free videos may be a maximum of 10 minutes with the Free plan. With Triple8 Premium you can upload videos without limit.

How accurately will my video be subtitled?

This largely depends on the audio quality of the video. But because you can still check and adjust the subtitles before it is delivered, the output is always the way you want it. If you don't have the time for that yourself, you can also choose "Premium+" We will deliver a 100% perfectly subtitled video back within 24 hours.

Can I review my subtitled video?

Yes, it is possible, you can change the text however you want. An easy-to-use editor has been developed for this, with which you can adjust your texts live in the video.

Can I also have Triple8 manually review the subtitling?

Yes, of course! This is the Premium+ plan and you can select it before uploading your video. We will deliver your video back to you with 100% perfect subtitles within 24 hours.

Will you really deliver a manually reviewed video within one day?

Generally yes. This depends on the length of the video and how busy our platform is. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to deliver within a day. If it is really urgent, please send an email so that we can give priority.

What does the Triple8 Premium+ plan cost?

We charge €10 per minute for subtitling videos manually.

Will the editor also work on my mobile phone?

Absolutely! Although it will be a little easier to use on a computer, tablet or laptop.

Wat is artificial intelligence en machine learning?

Artificial intelligence means that the speech to text engine learns from text it extracts from the audio and from the edits it makes to this text. This way the speech engine will continually become faster and more accurate.

Do I have to link the subtitles to my video myself?

Triple8 will do this for you automatically by placing the subtitled text in the correct time slots in your video.

How long will it take for my video to be ready?

That depends on how busy our servers are. On average it takes a couple of minutes to get the subtitled video in your mailbox.

How will I receive my video?

You will be sent an email with a download link for downloading your video. You will be able to download your video for 10 days after this email has been sent.

I what file format will I receive my video?

We will generate the video for you and convert it to .mp4 format.

Will I download my original video?

No, we will covert it into an .mp4 file so that you can immediately use it on your social media channels.

Can I also get the video in square format?

Certainly. We will deliver your video in its original format and in a square version so that you can use it on Instagram, for example.

Can I get the subtitling as an individual .srt file?

You can download the individual .srt file with the Premium or Translate plan.

Can I upload an .srt file?

We’ve created a useful .srt upload with which you can import .srt files. The subtitling will then be overwritten and automatically linked to your video.

Can I also have videos subtitled in others languages?

You can place English subtitles in an English-language video with the Premium plan, for example. If you want subtitles in a different language than the language spoken in the video, you can do this with the Premium plan.

Can I also have my YouTube videos subtitled with Triple8?

With the Premium and Translate plans you can download an .srt file and link it to your YouTube video. To do this, go to your video in YouTube Studio and click on ‘Other features -> Translation & transcription’ in the menu. Then click on ‘Create new subtitles’ and then on the ‘Upload a file’ button. Then select the subtitling file and the .srt that you downloaded at Triple8. Once you’ve uploaded the file, save your changes and your video will now be on YouTube with subtitles by Triple8.


Can I subtitle my video in other languages?

Yes, we currently support 21 languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Arabic, Frisian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Hindi, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Russian, Japanese and Korean

Are English-language videos recognised as well?

Of course! The language spoken in the video will be automatically recognised. You can subtitle this video with the same language (captioning) or have the text translated into one of the other languages (subtitles).

Can I see the video’s spoken language together with the translation as
subtitles in the video?

No, we have opted not to offer this feature.

Does the translation process take a long time?

No, the translated and subtitled video will be provided within a few minutes in the same way as the captions.

How does the translation process work, then?

Videos are subtitled in the spoken language by default on all our plans (captions). You can translate these into more than 20 languages with a simple operation.

Is the translation reliable?

Yes, we connect with the best contextual translation engines in the world. It is important that the spoken language is correctly and fully subtitled in your video. If it is complete and correct, you will get the best quality translation possible.

Can I create multiple translated versions of my video?

Yes, you can subtitle your video in all the available languages, if you wish.

Are there additional costs involved if I want my video subtitled in multiple languages?

No, you don't need to pay for an additional languages.

Can I save the various languages?

Yes, you can download the .srt file for each language from the editor.


What are the criteria for Triple8 Professional?

That your company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

I want to use Triple8 occasionally. Do I need Triple8 Professional?

No, you can simply use the ordering process on the website in this case. You will also receive a VAT invoice for your files. The Triple8 Professional portal is primarily intended for agencies and companies that want to subtitle videos on a regular basis (weekly).

I am a super-user. Can I get a discount?

No, we keep the price the same for everyone.

What is the minimum contract period of Triple8 Professional?

The minimum period for which you can take out Triple8 is one year. Triple8 Professional is therefore extremely suitable for companies that regularly subtitle their videos.

Will I get an itemised invoice?

Yes, you will receive an itemised VAT invoice.

What is the payment term for the monthly invoices?

The payment term for Triple8 invoices is 30 days.

Which payment methods are available?

Payments are made via PayPal, Apple Pay or Credit card. Belgian users can pay via Bankcontact. If you can only pay on account, please email support@triple8.tv

What is the notice period for Triple8 Professional?

Triple8 Professional has a notice period of 1 month.

Is Triple8 Professional automatically renewed?

Yes, if you pay per year, the subscription will be extended for a new year after each year. One month before the plan expires, you can easily cancel the agreement in the portal or by email. If you opt for monthly payment, you can cancel your subscription every month after the first period of 12 months.

Where can I register for Triple8 Professional?

You can register at account.triple8.tv/register

Can I try Triple8 Professional?

No, there is no option to try Triple8 Professional. However, you can create an account for free and test the platform with the free plan. You can also request a demo and discover all the features of the platform.

Can I see how many minutes of video I’ve already subtitled?

The portal’s statistics page shows you how many minutes you’ve subtitled to date, how many videos you’ve uploaded and how much of your credit balance you’ve used.

Can I also create multiple users in the portal?

You can create a log https://triple8.tv/wp-admin/post.php?post=572&action=edit&classic-editor__forget&classic-editorin for all of your colleagues. They can then log in themselves and subtitle the videos. You will be able to see who created each video.

Can I also assign permissions to certain users?

Yes, you can create administrators who have the same permissions as you, or contributors who are not able to see users or invoices.

Is there a white label environment available?

No, we want to keep the platform transparent.

Where can I log in to the Professional portal?

You can log in at account.triple8.tv with the username and password that we send you.


My browser does not support the drag & drop function. How can I upload?

You can also upload a video by clicking on the drag & drop field.

An error occurred. What should I do?

No worries. We will automatically be notified of the error and will contact you as soon as possible.

I didn’t receive my video. What should I do?

Please contact us. Call 088-2334566 or send an email to support@triple8.tv

Privacy and conditions

Will you save my video?

We will save your video for 30 days. During this time you are allowed to edit your subtitles or redownload your video. Thereafter we will permanently delete your video from our servers. For Triple8 Professional customers we will save videos for 90 days.

Are you allowed to use my video for other purposes?

Your video will remain your video. Triple8 can only use your video for promotional purposes with the FREE plan; for example, on our own Facebook page.

How do you process my personal data?

We will only ask for your email address so that we can send you the subtitled video or inform you of any problems. We will never share your email address with third parties. We will use the information of Professional customers for generating invoices and for maintaining contacts.

Are there conditions for the use of Triple8?

Yes, these apply when you use Triple8 and can be viewed in the Algemene voorwaarden Triple8

Does Triple8 have certifications?

Triple8 has an ISO 27001 certificate, which concerns information security. The certificate and the statement of applicability can be requested by sending an email to legal@gravity.nl