Subtitles TikTok: How to add subtitles to your TikTok videos in 4 steps

Subtitles TikTok: How to add subtitles to your TikTok videos in 4 steps

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Subtitle your video on TikTok. By adding subtitles to your video on TikTik you reach a larger audience. Your video can be viewed without sound and becomes more accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. In this guide, we will explain how to add subtitles to your TikTok videos in 4 steps.

How do I add subtitles to my TikTok-video?

Where other social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn have the option of uploading a SRT file, on TikTok you must post videos in which the text of your subtitles has already been processed.

Don’t have a video with subtitles yet? No problem. Triple8 does this for you within 5 minutes. Read how in the following steps below.

Adding subtitles to your video in 4 steps

  1. Upload your video in the Triple8 editor
  2. Edit the subtitles where needed
  3. Download the video 
  4. Upload your subtitled video to TikTok

New update

A new function has recently become available for TikTok users: subtitles for the spoken text in your video. While making a video, turn on the ‘auto captions’ button. This will automatically generate the subtitles and place the text over your video. If you discover a bug, it is possible to change it later in the editor function.

Advantage of Triple8

What important to know is that for this new function you have to make your video in the TikTok app and turn on the ‘auto captions’ before you start filming. In addition, it is not possible to download the .srt file of your created subtitles. In contrast to Triple8, where this is possible. A very big advantage of Triple8 is that it works with machine learning. The ‘speech to text engine’ learns from texts it extracts from audio and the adjustments you make to them. In this way, the speech engine is becoming increasingly accurate and faster. Besides that, Triple8 subtitles contextually, while other programs or such as the update of TikTok translate literally word for word, Triple8 looks at what is being told and based on that gives you the right subtitles. 

More tips for subtitling videos?

Want to know more about how to add subtitles to social media channels such as YouTube and LinkedIn? Or how to add subtitles in other video editing programs such as iMovie? Then read our ultimate guide to video subtitling where we explain all of this.