How to add subtitles to your Premiere Pro videos
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How to add subtitles to your Premiere Pro videos

In Premiere Pro you can add subtitles in two different ways. In this guide we explain how to subtitle in Premiere Pro and we show you how to edit them.

How do I add subtitles to a Premiere Pro Video?

Option 1 is manual. You type and time the subtitles yourself.
Option 2 is automatic. You upload an automatically generated SRT file via Triple8 and import this file into Premiere Pro.

Add subtitles manually in Premiere Pro

To manually type and time your subtitles, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Open the video in Premiere Pro
    subtitles Premiere Pro - import your video

  2. Click on “New Item”, then on “Captions” and choose “Open Captions”
    subtitles Premiere Pro - go to subtitles

  3. Then drag the Open Captions to your timeline and extend the bar where necessary
    subtitles Premiere Pro - drag open captions

  4. Double click on Open Captions and change the text in the Captions tab
    subtitles Premiere Pro - change the subtitles

  5. Click on + for another text block
    subtitles Premiere Pro - click + for next text box

Automatically add subtitles with SRT file

What will save you a lot of time and effort is by first creating an SRT file from your video. This can be done very easily by uploading your video in the Triple8 editor. You can download the SRT file within 5 minutes. After that you can import it into Premiere Pro. Not sure how this works then read what is an SRT file?

If you already have the SRT file of your video, you can add captions to your video in Premiere Pro within 1 minute:

  1. Open your video in Premiere Pro
  2. Go to “File”, choose “Import..” and click on the SRT file
  3. Drag the file from the Project to the timeline and place the subtitles at the correct timing to correspond with the audio

Now your video is ready to export!

Editing subtitles in Premiere Pro

When the text is not clearly visible or there is an error in the subtitles, it is easy to solve. In this Adobe product you are able to change the text but also the style of the subtitles:

  1. Open the video and import the SRT file into Premiere Pro
  2. Double click on the subtitles bar and adjust the text in the Captions tab
  3. Edit the font, color and style as desired in this tab

More tips for subtitling videos?

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