Arrange your TikTok subtitles in just 4 steps
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Arrange your TikTok subtitles in just 4 steps

Last modified on 6 February 2024.

Want to upload a new TikTok video and boost your reach by including subtitles? Finding it a bit challenging? Then this article is exactly what you need! We’ll guide you through the process, explaining step by step how to include subtitles in your TikTok videos.

In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to add subtitles to your TikTok videos. It’s simpler than you might think, and it broadens the audience who can enjoy your videos. We also offer useful tips to ensure your videos are correctly subtitled.

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How can I include subtitles in my TikTok video?

On TikTok, you cannot upload a separate SRT file as you can on certain other social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. However, fret not, on TikTok, you post videos that already incorporate the text of your subtitles.

Don’t have a video with subtitles yet? No need to worry. With Triple8, you can add subtitles to your video in just 5 minutes.

Adding subtitles to your video is a four-step process

Here are the four steps to adding subtitles:

  1. Upload your video in the Triple8 editor: Begin by uploading your video to the Triple8 editor.
  2. Edit the subtitles where necessary: Make any necessary adjustments to the subtitles. With the user-friendly editor, you can easily correct the text.
  3. Download the video: Once you are satisfied with the subtitles, download the video to your device.
  4. Share your subtitled video on TikTok: You can now upload the subtitled video to your TikTok account and effectively convey your message to a broader audience.

New update from late 2022

TikTok introduced a new feature towards the end of 2022, which enables users to automatically add subtitles to the spoken text in their videos. While recording a video, you can conveniently activate the ‘auto captions’ button. This action prompts the app to automatically create subtitles that will appear on your video. If you spot an error, you can make corrections later using the editing function.

The drawbacks of automatic subtitling on TikTok

Auto captioning on TikTok comes with a few disadvantages. To utilize this feature, you must create your TikTok video within the app and enable ‘auto captions’ before commencing your recording. Furthermore, it is not feasible to download the .srt file of the subtitles you’ve generated.

Subtitling TikTok videos with Triple8

Triple8 is an online tool that allows you to add subtitles to your videos. The tool offers several advantages in comparison to TikTok’s automatic subtitling:

  • Machine learning benefits
    Triple8 employs machine learning in its ‘speech-to-text engine,’ enabling it to learn from the transcribed audio and user adjustments. This results in an increasingly accurate and faster engine.
  • Downloadable .srt file
    In contrast to TikTok, Triple8 provides the option to download the .srt file of your subtitles. This is beneficial for further editing or for use on other platforms.
  • Contextual subtitling
    A significant advantage of Triple8 is contextual subtitling. The program not only comprehends individual words but also understands the context of the spoken text. This ensures more precise and contextually appropriate subtitles for your videos.

You can even choose our human subscription, which combines our technology with professional native speakers. Within one day, your video will receive a 100% accurate translation.

Tips for editing subtitles on TikTok

The following tips will not only make your videos accessible, but also capture the attention of your audience on TikTok. It’s not necessary to implement all the tips; simply select the ones that best complement your content and give it a distinctive touch.

  • Keep it concise: Ensure that your subtitles are brief and to the point. TikTok videos move swiftly, so make your text easily readable and comprehensible in a short time.
  • High-contrast text: Guarantee that the subtitles are clearly legible against the video background by using high-contrast colours that stand out.
  • Creative flair: Enhance your subtitles by experimenting with various fonts and styles. TikTok is a platform for creativity, so let that shine through in your subtitles.
  • Timing matters: Adjust the timing of your subtitles to match the pace of your video. If there are rapid transitions, ensure your subtitles are quick.
  • Incorporate Emojis: Include emojis to emphasize emotions, but use them judiciously. Keep it subtle and aligned with the mood of your video.
  • Animated text: If it complements your video’s style, try out animated text. Moving subtitles can capture attention effectively.
  • Soundless comprehension: Verify whether your subtitles convey the message effectively even without sound. Many TikTok users watch videos in public settings without audio.
  • Subtitles as storytelling: Utilize subtitles not only for transcribing spoken text but also for storytelling. Make them engaging for your viewers.

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