How do you add subtitles in ShotCut?
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How do you add subtitles in ShotCut?

With more and more videos nowadays, it is possible to use subtitles. Offering subtitles improves accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing. It is also useful for viewers who want to watch videos without sound, because you can then watch videos in silent compartments on the train, for example. In this article, we explain in detail how to add subtitles to videos in ShotCut, making your videos accessible to a wider audience. Read on quickly and get helpful tips you can get started with right away!

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How do you create subtitles for ShotCut?

Writing subtitles for videos can be time-consuming, as each spoken sentence must be typed out manually. For a 1-hour audio recording, it can take 5 to 6 hours to type it out. Using Triple8’s AI software, this problem is easily solved.

Thanks to Triple8, you can create subtitles for your videos within 5 minutes. You can also have us review the subtitles by a native speaker to ensure that the subtitles and any translation are 100% accurate. The subtitles are then checked within 24 hours and comply with international WCAG guidelines.

Adding subtitles in ShotCut

We understand better than anyone that you would prefer to get back to working with ShotCut as soon as possible. Therefore, below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to add subtitles in ShotCut:

Step 1: Prepare the subtitle file

Before you can add subtitles to your ShotCut video, you must have a file containing the subtitles in an appropriate format, such as an SRT file. You can create subtitle files manually with text editing software, or have them generated automatically. Our Premium subscription to our AI software makes it easy to create subtitles for your video. Upload your video and your subtitles will be ready to use in ShotCut in as little as 5 minutes.

Step 2: Open your project in Shotcut

Start Shotcut and open the project you want to add the subtitles to by clicking “File” and then “Open File” or “Open Recent” and navigate to the project file on your computer.

Step 3: Import the .SRT file

Click “File” and then “Open File” to import the subtitle file you want to use for your video. Make sure the subtitle file has the same name as your video and is in the same folder so ShotCut will automatically recognize it.

Step 4: Drag the subtitles to the timeline

After you import the subtitle file into ShotCut, you’ll see it listed in the “Source” panel. Drag the subtitle file to the timeline below your video. You will now see the subtitle as a separate track on the timeline.

Step 5: Synchronize the subtitles with the video

If the subtitles are out of sync with the video, you can adjust this by moving the subtitles on the timeline or adjusting their duration. Use the play button to check the timing while adjusting the subtitles.

Step 6: Adjust the formatting of the subtitles

ShotCut provides some options to customize the formatting of the subtitles. Right-click the subtitle on the timeline and select “Filters.” Here you can add filters to adjust the text style, font size, colour, and other style options of the subtitle.

Step 7: Export your video

When you are satisfied with the subtitles and timing, export your video with the subtitles. Click “File” and choose “Export” to start exporting.

That’s it! You’ve now added subtitles to your video using ShotCut. Don’t forget to save your project before you close Shotcut so you can keep your work for future edits.