Subtitles LinkedIn: how to add subtitles in 3 steps
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Subtitles LinkedIn: how to add subtitles in 3 steps

Subtitles are becoming increasingly important on LinkedIn. Subtitles are not only a godsend for viewers who are hard of hearing, bus also for users who want to watch a video on the go but do not have headphones with them.

In this guide we will explain how to create subtitles for LinkedIn videos. Follow the steps below and see how your video will look with subtitles.

Note: To add captions to your LinkedIn video you will need an SRT file. See our blog post what is an SRT file to learn more.

How do I add the subtitles to my LinkedIn video?

  1. Post a new video and after uploading click “edit”
  2. Click “select subtitles” and select the SRT file
  3. Click “finish”

After the video is uploaded, you will be notified. The subtitles can be seen below when you click on “CC” at the bottom right of the video.

More tips for subtitling videos?

Want to know more about how to add subtitles to other social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook? Or how to add subtitles in video editing programs such as Premiere Pro and iMovie? Then read our ultimate guide to video subtitling where we explain all of this.